welcome to both/and

a community studio space for yoga, dance,

therapeutic & mindful movement practices


 located in Blue Hill, Maine

*Masks are encouraged but optional.*
This being said, expect windows to be open for practice.
The space is naturally quite cool, so come prepared with layers! 

we believe


that yoga and movement are for everyone and we are all worthy of healing 

that all bodies and minds are welcome in movement and wellness spaces

that access to these spaces and practices should not be limited by class, gender, race, size, ability, or age

in honoring the wisdom of the cultures and people from which these traditions emerged

in revering and respecting yoga as a full spiritual system, of which one aspect is asana (postural) practice

in holding space for and embracing the complexity and paradox that is each of our wholeness

in the healing power of community 



we offer 
group yoga asana (postural practice) & dance
private yoga & dance instruction
therapeutic yoga & yoga therapy 


who we are:


Marni Salerno (they/them)

Marni is thankful to have found yoga in a time in their life when it was very difficult to love and accept themself. Being genderqueer, the idea of embracing both the masculine and feminine within yoga helped Marni find truth and peace underneath dominant societal narratives. 

Marni is a self proclaimed master of none, wearing many hats around the Penobscot Bay. They are a homesteader, landscaper and dispenser of beverages. They enjoy doing dog acrobatics with their rescue Finn, getting lost in the woods, and finding stones with tiny granite stripes.

Marni's Training and Certifications Include:


200hr Teacher Training with My Vinyasa Practice 

Yoga Sutra Study with Bhavani Maki


Danielle Tekut 

Danielle, in addition to teaching yoga, is a dancer and clinical social worker —all powerful pathways she believes, in aiding us to befriend our hearts, minds, and bodies.


Living with and managing a chronic illness, Danielle understands how unique and precious one’s embodied experience is. By sharing a heart-centered practice that is slow, subtle, and sometimes strong, she aims to cultivate a warm space in which others can access and trust profound wisdom of the Self that exists always underneath the demands of busy lives, the influence of environment, and the conditioning and/or harm of various sociopolitical systems.


Danielle’s Training and Certifications Include:

200hr Teacher Training at Sangha Studio

300hr Teacher Training with Amy Ippoliti 

Yoga Nidra with Sagel Urlacher

Yin Yoga with Josh Summers

Restorative Yoga with Sarah Diedrick

Yoga Therapy with Brandt Passalacqua (in progress)

BA in Dance from Smith College

MSW from Smith College School for Social Work