about both/and

both/and refers to the complexity and paradox of holding multiple truths at once.

in western psychotherapy, both/and is a dialectical approach to understanding the many contradictions within ourselves, others, and the world that offers an alternative to either/or, or dichotomous, thinking. 

in tantric yoga philosophy the concept of both/and is reflected in the word

sammelana (meeting together, union, mixture). it refers to non-duality. our darkness does not negate our light and our status as "householder" does not diminish our divinity. rather than embarking to transcend our embodied experience, we recognize and celebrate that liberation is here and now. we embrace both the lotus and the mud. we do not discard others or aspects of ourselves. it is through discernment and seeing things as they are, that we grow closer to truth and freedom.

both/and moves beyond the limitations of binaries in order to understand and honor the rich and complex tapestries of our lives, relationships, communities. nothing and no one is ever defined by a singular quality. in fact, that which appears in conflict creates our wholeness. 

our logo- a bladderwrack blade and cedar sprig- represents the beauty of the land we reside and cultivate this space upon.

we are nurtured by both tree and sea. 

our mission

is to create a space in which to foster connection to oneself and community through shared movement and embodiment practices.

as two white folks engaging in the sacred traditions of India on occupied Wabanaki land, we understand the importance of naming where and who we are and giving back in the ways we can.

we are committed to

participating in and sharing the incredibly rich and complex healing system of yoga with great humility and respect.


we are committed to continually deepening our embodiment of the tradition's values and teachings with honor for its people and their wisdom.


we are committed to providing access to care for marginalized groups and to expanding our capacity to provide welcoming and empowering spaces for those most harmed by white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.


we are committed to building community that embraces minds and hearts that operate, and bodies that look and move unlike ours.

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