group yoga asana classes 

we offer group yoga practice with the understanding that yoga asana (postural practice) is only one part of the complex science and system of yoga. 

yoga asana class includes guided moving and breathing to focus the mind and ground the body. asana can be a useful tool to down-regulate the nervous system, or, to engage, awaken, and enliven body, mind, and heart. 

we see asana as a pathway towards developing greater embodied awareness. we aim to create an inclusive space and accessible movement practice in service of this goal. 

we offer a variety of styles for various intentions. 

see class descriptions below. 


private yoga instruction

for those seeking individualized guidance and instruction, and the experience of undivided attention and care in their yoga practice. 

working collaboratively, one-on-one or in small groups, we aim to offer a well-rounded and nourishing practice that will cater to your unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.


following a consultation via phone or email, a personalized practice based on your expressed preferences, concerns, desires, and intentions for this time together will be created.

private instruction can include yoga asana, meditation, pranayama (breath work), chanting, guided imagery/visualization, self-myofascial release, or working towards specific physical goals, such as targeted strength and mobility. 


yoga therapy

yoga therapy provides an integrated and embodied approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness using yoga's pancha kosha model. the process of yoga therapy seeks to reduce suffering and empower individuals through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.


Danielle has a masters in clinical social work, and is credentialed as an LMSW-CC in the state of Maine. while yoga therapy serves as a complementary method to conventional medical and mental health treatments, and is not psychotherapy, Danielle utilizes many of her clinical counseling skills as a yoga therapist.

though no western diagnosis is furnished in a yoga therapy session, complaints or conditions often treated include: chronic pain, physical ailments, autoimmune disease, digestive concerns, anxiety, depression, mood lability, insomnia, grief and loss, PTSD, developmental trauma, etc. 

learn more about Danielle and yoga therapy below


class styles


vinyasa flow: 

vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means"to place something in a sacred and special way". vinyasa is commonly understood as linking breath with a continuous flow of movement. classes build heat by moving mindfully through grounded and standing postures while maintaining awareness of the breath. 


gentle flow:

gentle flow is a slow, generally grounded, accessible practice. class focuses on breath awareness, joint freeing, releasing tension, stretching, and low impact strengthening.



restorative yoga is a postural practice that utilizes props, such as blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps, to support the body in finding a comfortable shape in which to release tension and strain. poses are generally held for 5-20 minutes. when we relax into poses, our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, which promotes a relaxation response and reduces stress. 



in yin yoga, generally grounded, passive postures are held with muscles in a relaxed state for roughly 3 to 5 minutes. meant to complement more active physical practices, in yin our intention is to mildly stress, stimulate, somewhat stretch, and ultimately strengthen dense connective tissue of specific target areas of the body. it is a sensation-rich practice that can offer a profound meditative experience. 


core flow: 

core flow is a hybrid between vinyasa flow, calisthenics, and body weight strength training. expect to build heat, elevate your heart rate, and get a full body workout with a primary focus on strengthening your core.